About School


The School admits any child irrespective of sex, cast, creed, religion or social status. A child seeking admission to KG 1 should have completed three and a half years by March 31. The child may be subjected to a screening before he/she is admitted. At the time of admission, a Birth Certificate from Municipality or Panchayat must be submitted. Students seeking admission to any other class will be subjected to screening which could be an entrace test or an interview or both or anything else the school considers fit to the changing trends in education. The mode and date of screening will be fixed by the school. Children clearing the screening alone will be atmitted. A child who has been a student of this school, and has secured a promotion to Class I from KG. II is eligible and entitled for admission to Class I without a further screening. Both there will be a re-enrollment of the students.
Otherwise, a student seeking new admission to any class will be eligible for admission to that class only if hee/she -

New admissions are taken to class I - V only and that too solely against vacant seats.